a national geographic proposal

The india Series

Opulent and gentle. Luxurious and incredibly cool. 

India's endlessly cinematic happenings offer an exquisite palette of textures, colours, and feelings.


Story No. 1 // north india

LOOK & FEEL: elegant, muted, pastel

Handcrafted: A Fashion Story


Traditional handcraft is woven into everyday life in India. Ornate temples, rose petals floating down the river, elegantly-draped saris...

Designer Sabysachi integrates ancient design into his ultramodern take on Indian fashion. He employs over 3000 craftsmen in 18 regions across the country, and his designs are worn by India's elite - from Rajasthani princes to Bollywood megastars. 

Our story would visit his studio in Calcutta, and perhaps a luxurious palace wedding. We could film his silk weaving workshops in Varanasi, where shafts of light illuminate miles of silky threads. We could film master shawl weavers in the mountains of Kashmir (where an entire shawl is created with one thread). Glass bead makers. Artists painting with gold...


Story No. 2 // bengal

look & feel: blue, earthy, grassroots

Indigo: A Story of Revolution

The story of indigo has deep roots in India. The Indigo Revolt (1859-61) was a non-violent uprising of indigo farmers; an organized resistance by nearly five million peasants throughout lower Bengal, a movement which some consider to be the precursor to Mahatma Gandhi's Salt march. 

The variation in plant species grown in Bengal produce an earthy array of hues, and the natural dye is used by designers worldwide.


Story No. 3 // darjeeling

look & feel: verdant, misty, mountainous

Plantation: A Tea Story

First flush tea is the very first plucking of a tea plant's harvest season. Tea traders and connoisseurs arrive in Darjelling from around the world to taste the season's finest harvest. The quality of the harvest dictates auction prices and ultimately the profitability of a massive global industry. From the simplicity of Darjeeling tea estates to the finest tea houses in the world, this is the story of white tea.


Story No. 4 // kerala

look & feel: fresh, bright, exotic

Turmeric, Cinnamon, and Pepper: An Ayurveda Story

Ayurvedic medicine, as practiced in India, is one of the oldest systems of medicine in the world. Many Ayurvedic practices predate written records and are fully integrated into Indian culture. This story explores the roots and rituals; visiting farms, markets, and temples throughout South India.


Story No. 5 // kochi 

look & feel: architectural, arty, edgy

Kochi Biennale 2018: A Contemporary Art Series

The Kochi Muziris Biennale is an intriguing contemporary art biennale held in the historic port town of Fort Kochi, Kerala.

This series will follow a selection of big name Indian and international artists as they create new and ambitious works in beautiful but derelict colonial spaces. The artists often work with limited resources and errant electricity, in the equatorial heat, coming together with an amazing collective effort to produce an exquisite show. 

The series will provide a refreshing look at contemporary art with incredible access to the artists, presenting a picture of India in all its inherent charm, while exploring its global cultural connections through contemporary art.