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Daryl and I (Angela) have worked as a creative team, designing projects ranging from advertising and branded partnerships to stills libraries, documentaries, education initiatives and lecture series for some of the world's leading brands. Our work and lifestyle have merged together and led us to nearly every continent.  

We've lived in New York, Paris, Dubai, and Mumbai using each of these thriving centres as a jump off point to explore the richness of cultures on our planet - urban, rural, ancient and brand new. As it turns out, our planet is teeming with stories of inspiration, human connectedness and shared experience. 

Our self-authored projects have led to collaborations with major institutions such as Harvard University, World Expo 2020, National Geographic, and the Los Angeles County Museum of Contemporary Art.

Our years working as specialists in CSR and Sustainability reporting led us to focus on sustainable change from both commercial and personal standpoints.

The seemingly opposite movements toward both globalization and localization has become the theme that brings our body of work together. 

In 2008, we bought remote ranch land in rural Canada and built a log cabin and the beginnings of a modern, off-grid, sustainable homestead. Our experiences on the land, with the Indigenous people, and with our tiny off-grid community have led to our current project with National Geographic.

Our accumulated adventures throughout the Middle East, Asia, and the Canadian wilderness, along with our fascination with the transformative power of technology have created a world view we can't help but share.

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Selected Client List:

Facebook, Nestlé, General Electric, PepsiCo, Canada Tourism, Dubai Tourism, Christie’s, Volkswagen, Lufthansa, Emirates Airline, Mubadala, MTV, UN World Food Programme, Vanity Fair, The New York Times, Condé Nast Traveler, The Wall Street Journal, Time Magazine, PBS, Harvard University, Royal Ontario Museum, and the Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA).


    current Projects

    National Geographic Image Library

    We are currently working on a long term project with National Geographic, to create image libraries based on 2 of our ongoing personal projects. Both of these narratives address contemporary global issues while making a case for sustainable, positive change.


    Modern off-grid living

    This ongoing collection documents the interface between technology and natural ecosystems; the juxtapositions of traditional and leading edge education systems, farming practices and globalization in a rural context. It's a study of a community at the forefront of the evolution of human systems.

    How will connectivity shape the future of remote communities?

    The transformational power of new technology is buzzing across our planet - from the developing world to rural areas in North America.

    Daryl and I bought 80 acres of remote ranchland in 2008, and between assignments abroad, we've built a simple log cabin and used leading edge technology to create a modern, sustainable, off-grid homestead – yet completely connected to the outside world.

    We've been involved in a project to bring high-speed broadband internet to our remote region, run entirely by wind and solar technology. The initiative has been successful and we're witnessing the shift as our little community finds its voice and enters the global conversation.

    Technology has connected us like never before, ushering in a new era of empowerment and independence.


    home and native land: Canada's indigenous people

    The 2014 Supreme Court ruling on Tsilhqot’in Nation v. British Columbia has changed the course of First Nations relationships in Canada and perhaps the world. 

    This story follows the Tsilhqot'in Nation, Canada's first Indigenous nation to reclaim title to their native territory. 

    After nearly a decade of friendship with the Tsilhqot'in Nation, the elders have invited us into the inner circles of their leadership to document their way of life, their relationship to the earth, and the post-colonial impact on their remote indigenous community.

    The elders of the Tsilhqot'in Nation are acute observers of nature, a relationship woven deeply into the Tsilhqot'in language. As with most indigenous cultures, as elders grow old, the number of native speakers is decreasing rapidly. The language holds context for history and identity.

    This image collection also serves as a wider study of reconciliation in Canada and the post-colonial world as the Tsilhqot'in Nation starts their unprecedented journey towards sovereignty and greater health.

    Will the new social and political landscape reshape aboriginal relationships in Canada, and the post-colonial world?


    The One Acre Project

    Branded Partnership Documentary Series

    The focus of the project is a sustainable food system; addressing the growing challenges of feeding humanity against the backdrop of environmental strain on our planet.

    the one acre project

    This project is in development as we present to potential partners.

    The One Acre Project presents an exciting world view through bright ideas and shared experiences.

    The focus of the project is a sustainable food system; addressing the growing challenges of feeding humanity against the backdrop of environmental strain on our planet.

    This project brings existing technology out into the world, and documents change taking hold in diverse communities and industries. Its positioning - at the meeting point of globalization and localization - creates a compelling narrative and a wealth of content.

    Our accumulated experiences living in the Middle East, South Asia, and rural Canada, along with our fascination with the transformative power of technology have inspired the development of this project. It is a culmination of our personal and commercial work. 



    past projects and career themes

    The seemingly opposite movements toward both globalization and localization have become the theme that brings our body of work together. 

    Here are some samples of work we've done.


    expo 2020 dubai - connectedness and The Transformative Power of Technology

    We wrote + directed + shot + co-produced the launch campaign for World Expo 2020, including 24x short films and 500x stills. We filmed stories of technology, connectedness, and sustainability - based on projects we had already been working on for several years.

    VIDEO: Class of 2020 - India

    VIDEO: Connected

    VIDEO: 3D Energy


    agriculture and POPULATION density

    Feeding a growing population while dealing with the growing environmental crisis on our planet is perhaps the most complex set of challenges facing humanity. We have covered this subject from a CSR angle with Nestlé and from a crisis response perspective with the UN World Food Programme.

    Our newest personal and commercial projects have looked at leading technology applied to sustainable food systems. Please review The One Acre Project, our proposal for a large scale, global Branded Partnership documentary series on the subject.


    the status of women

    Years of living in the Middle East and South Asia brought this topic into focus. We've collaborated on several projects aimed at providing opportunities for girls, promoting gender equality, and the empowerment of women.

    We recently wrote + directed + shot + produced a manifesto video (Temp VO / not yet released) for Careem, featuring a woman driver with male passengers - a groundbreaking concept in the region. For World Expo, our video series was based on stories of women around the world.

    (*TEMP VO*) VIDEO: Careem Manifesto

    VIDEO: Into Space

    VIDEO: Horses

    VIDEO: Salmon Fishing


    education and learning

    Connectivity has the potential to create exponential change and education opportunities globally.

    We have spearheaded education projects across a broad spectrum, from working with a boat school in South Asia to provide solar electricity, to writing a lecture series at Harvard University discussing the social uprisings of 1968 and Cultures of Protest. 

    VIDEO: The Boat School

    VIDEO: The Goat Bank


    Economy and industry in the gulf

    The pace and scale of urban transformation and economic growth in the Arabian Gulf has changed the world's geo-political power structure. 

    During our many years based in Dubai, we witnessed the transformation of a local culture and landscape as the city became a symbol of wealth and grew from approximately 500k to nearly 3 million inhabitants. Our assignments took us throughout the Middle East, from Saudi to Yemen to Syria allowing us to gain insight on a rapidly changing region.


    climate change in TEMPERATE forests

    Our forests face significant challenges due to climate change, industry, and fire suppression. The long life cycle of evergreens makes it difficult for them to adapt to a rapidly changing environment. We've worked on the front line of the wildlfire crisis in western Canada, creating photostories and gathering reports to document change from a grassroots level.


    technology and industry

    Human growth has placed considerable strain on urban systems and created a need for constant improvement and implementation of new technology. Our work with General Electric (GE) took us to South Africa, the Middle East, and Turkey to document multiple business streams - Aviation, Renewable Energy, Power, Healthcare, Lighting, and Transportation.


    Tourism and Travel

    The global tourism industry is booming! We've shot stills and video campaigns for national tourism boards (Canada Tourism, Abu Dhabi Tourism, Dubai Tourism), airlines (Emirates, Thai Airlines, Lufthansa) and editorial travel stories for Condé Nast, The New York Times, and many other leading publications. 

    VIDEO: Condé Nast x Abu Dhabi Tourism


    our history with masdar

    In 2008, The New York Times commissioned us to shoot a story about a model city being built in Abu Dhabi, designed to generate no carbon emissions. We spent the day onsite with Elizabeth Rosenthal, a prominent New York Times reporter, and left totally intrigued with Masdar. 

    Literally the day after that shoot, we designed a media project to document the early development of Masdar City and the first World Future Energy Summit. We presented the project to the small team, who approved it on the spot and then spent the next month or so creating Masdar's first photo library.

    This led to further development projects with Mubadala... all this to say we've loved Masdar since the very beginning!